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Bars and Nightclubs

POS system for Bars and Nightclubs

APS stands out in the scene of bars and nightclubs for its speed in opening and closing orders that in the end, will render to satisfied customers.

Our POS system for Bars and Nightclubs also has the ability to pre-approve cards, manage inventory, separate accounts, remote access and so much more. This in itself, makes it an ideal system for your business.

APS is knowledgeable in your type of business thus, affording our POS system software and hardware be designed to be durable and work hard on your behalf. If you are considering a new POS system designed specifically for Bars and Nightclubs to provide a pleasant experience for the customers, your employees and you as the business owner, look no further… call APS and you will be cognizant of the considerable difference.



  • Quickly enter orders and pay out checks with our intuitive touch screen interface.
  • Take orders tableside with our mobile POS solutions.
  • Securely process credit cards.
POS for bars auditory screen


  • Blind Checkouts
  • Employee Performance Reports
  • Liquor Management
  • Customer Age Verification


  • Pool Table Timers
  • Customer Advances
  • Split Checks
  • VIP/Industry Pricing
  • Quick Tabs


  • Inventory control.
  • Sales contests. 
  • Invoicing.
  • Customize table floor plans.
  • Employee perfomance reports.
  • Fingerprint recognition.

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