POS System for delivery

For carry out or deliver, APS-Focus POS System for delivery makes it as fast as possible, from the phone call to the reception of your order.

POS System for delivery. Customers who call a restaurant to order food with home delivery, want the experience to be as fast and satisfactory as possible, from the call to the reception of your order. That’s where APS and its POS System for delivery can help your business.

POS System for delivery ensures that your employees are properly trained to take orders efficiently and accurately, but also helps your controller find the address of your customer or business location quickly and efficiently.


APS-Focus Mobile POS System allows delivery drivers to take credit card payments, thus saving on manual credit card fees.

  • Speed of Service

    ✓ Caller ID✓ Online Maps

    ✓ Automatic Street Complete

    ✓ Repeat Orders

  • Auditing and Control

    ✓ Customer Qualifiers

    ✓ Fast Return of Drivers

    ✓ Drops

    ✓ Customer Labels

  • Dispatching

    ✓ Driver Rotation

    ✓ Delivery Zones

    ✓ Online Maps

    ✓ Delivery Confirmation

    ✓ Automatic Printing of Assigned Orders

  • Inventory

    ✓ Inventory Items and Recipes

    ✓ Entering Invoices and Inventories

    ✓ Inventory Reporting

  • Reporting

    ✓ Daily Sales Report

    ✓ Labor & Sales Reports

    ✓ Checkout & Cashier Reports

    ✓ Product Mix Reports

    ✓ Sales Contest

    ✓ Inventory Reports

    ✓ Employee Performance Reports

    ✓ Gift Card Reports

    ✓ House Account Statements

    ✓ Customer Loyalty Reports

    ✓ Media Reports

    ✓ GL Interface Reports (QuickBooks, ACCPAC and compatible programs)

  • Labor Scheduling

    ✓ Fingerprint Access

    ✓ Labor Forecasts

    ✓ Stage Images

    ✓ Skill Levels

    ✓ Named Schedules

  • Customer Loyalty

    ✓ Instant Discounts

    ✓ Bonus Discounts

    ✓ Bonus Coupons

    ✓ Skill Levels

    ✓ Customer Marketing

  • Gift Cards

    ✓ Integrated Gift Cards

    ✓ High Speed Transactions

    ✓ Reload Gift Cards

    ✓ Gift Card Reports

  • Enterprise Solutions

    ✓ Reports

    ✓ Data Backup

    ✓ Menu Downloads

    ✓ Corporate Messages

Note that POS System for delivery also works for other food industries, stores, grocery store, etc.

Focus Delivery provides advanced functionality that allows delivery, carryout and call in orders to be entered, accessed, processed and delivered in the most efficient manner. Integrated Caller ID features make looking up customers a snap.