7 ways you can support local restaurants during Covid-19

support local business

December 18, 2020


Since the reactivation started, the restaurants that adapted and continued to sell to their customers by offering home delivery or in-store pickup in total safety have experienced incredible triple-digit growth. On the other hand, most restaurant owners are still struggling due to the pandemic while many others had to close their business permanently. If you are willing to support your favorite local restaurants to stay open, here are a  few simple actions that can make all the difference:

1. Eat local

Instead of ordering from large chains, we can help small businesses, and place our food and/or drink orders from these businesses so we can contribute to their restaurant to be afloat during the crisis. 

2. Order directly from the restaurant

It will be much cheaper for you to order directly from the restaurant since you avoid paying commissions to third-party platforms. By not having to pay any commission to an outside delivery company, the restaurateur can see more profit margin on each order.

3. Order takeout or delivery, online

The more we avoid going outside, the lower the risk for us. Therefore, we recommend making the most of the benefits of ordering online or by phone. Check the restaurant’s website, social media or scan their QR codes when you’re passing by to see if they are offering these services and place your next order online. This will help reopen your favorite businesses when this pandemic ends. If possible, make your payments online too.

4. Buy a gift card from your favorite local restaurant or try a new one to use when they are ready to reopen.

Many local restaurants offer gift certificates. Gift cards represent a valuable source of income for restaurants, but in the face of the COVID-19 crisis, gift cards have become an immediate flow of cash that helps restaurants continue to pay the salaries of their staff and their accounts.

way to support local restaurants

5. Share specials or snap a photo of your food.

Food photos have become a very important part of the eating experience. If you like to share with your friends and followers the photos of the delicious food that you are about to taste, take the opportunity to mention the restaurant that sent it to you so that people find out that they offer home delivery, and so that they can see how delicious their food looks.

6. Use the restaurant’s owned app

It is true that ordering apps offer restaurants a simple way to sell their products. But this service takes a percentage of the sale (generally between 25% and 30% of each transaction.

With each order you make directly through the restaurant’s own online ordering system, you will contribute to increase the profit margin of the establishment, supporting those who really provide the service.

7. Write good reviews.

Giving a positive review at one of your favorite restaurants is a great way to contribute. By doing so, you are helping the business to climb the search results so that they appear in the first position when other users are looking for a place to eat or order online. It will only take a few minutes.

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