7 key aspects to reopen your business. (Post-Covid Resource)

7 key aspects for the reopening of your business

November 6, 2020


Are you ready to reopen your business? A new “reality” has come to stay. Social distancing, face masks, limited capacity, cautious and quarantined clients are some of the challenges that the pandemic has brought us. During this uncertain time, it is important that each of us make the effort to keep our family and community safe and healthy.


Businesses have found themselves in an exceptional situation and have lost many of their contact points with their customers, who have changed their behavior and the way they buy your products. For this reason, you have to think about how to reach your customers, meet their needs and expectations and, most importantly, offer them an unbeatable shopping experience.


The operations of your business post-covid will be different. Implementing innovative and agile models will allow you to be competitive, stay in the market and reach more customers. Below you will find 7 key aspects for the reopening of your business in the pandemic reality.


1. Organize a biosafety protocol.

You must meet a series of requirements regarding facilities, personnel, supplier management, waste management and other important factors considered in the protocol issued by the County of Miami-Dade.


2. Restructure your store space distribution.

Modify the distribution of the areas of your store or restaurant to increase the efficiency of the activities carried out there and ensure the required social distancing (6 fts.).


3. Craft an omnichannel customer experience.

To attend and offer your products to your customers through any on-premise and digital channel as if it were one is a must because the new generation of consumers want what they want, when they want it and they don’t want to spend much time trying to figure out how to get it.


4. Own an online ordering platform.

Did you know that online orders have tripled since the pandemic began? You wouldn’t want to be left behind! Having your own online ordering platform allows you to promote your brand, keep a direct communication with your customers and cut off third-parties commission payments.


5. Update your business info in Google. 

Use Google My Business to keep accurate information about your business in organic searches and Google Maps and allow both, your current and new customers, to meet your business and contact you. Always check that your business hours, address and menu are up to date.


6. Be active on social networks.

There are free social network tools you can take advantage from to put your product benefits on the eyes of a wider audience.  Promote your brand on the social networks that your target audience uses and interact with them to build long-term relationships.


7. Implement multiple payment methods.

Due to coronavirus, you need to avoid cash transactions to reduce touch between your customers and your staff. Instead you could implement safe and secure payment methods as contactless payments.

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